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In Konya

I remembered a haibun I wrote a few years ago after reading a  comment on my latest On the Road Prompt – Light on the Road

It’s about a light I found upon the road once when I was travelling:-


Travel has its highs and lows.  The low point of my trip to Turkey came in Konya, the place where the Sufi mystic Rumi taught the dervishes to dance.   It had been a long tiring trip to get there but in the gentle light of late afternoon I felt at peace as I wandered round the museum housed in the buildings where Rumi lived and taught.   In a state of extended awe I studied a leaf etched with swirling Arabic calligraphy and marvelled at the exquisitely decorated pages of sacred books.

It was after dark when I felt the first fires of a raging sore throat and rising fever. I tried to sleep as I lay sweating in a cheap hotel room.   Outside the city noise mounted to a crescendo of car horns, baring radios and sudden bursts of raucous conversation.  Sleep became a memory as the hours passed.

Hot foreign city,
harsh male voices in the night
 –    cheap hotel room angst

Eventually the noise lessened and I feel into an uneasy sleep.  Hours later I came back to consciousness.  I was not dreaming but I cannot say I was awake in the usual sense of the word.  I was aware of my surroundings but the room, my mind and my body were filled with a rich, almost liquid, golden light.  Deep peace such I have never known before held me – suffused my being.   The experience was all encompassing.  Within it I had a deep feeling that the light was coming Rumi.

Sufi dancers spin
spiralling to the centre
–   the still point of peace

Into the light

Down on the coast the wind was blowing so strong it nearly knocked me off my feet.  Laughing I planted my feet in the sand.   The wind whipped my hair around my face, the sea roared and the sun set the churning sea glittering and glimmering.    The energy of it all was so intense I felt like my skin had suddenly become porous and the air, sound and light poured deep into my being.  


My response to my own On the Road prompt –Light on the Road