On the shores of the Southern Ocean

From the vantage point of having been to the same beach at this time of year for the past five years, I take the dirt road down to the shore.   It’s rained extremely heavily during the past week and now wide expanses of silvery water  lie across the paddocks.   Deep puddles framed each side of the road but the middle is solid enough to drive along – slowly.  

The car park is a maze of puddles so I park at the very edge.   I’m eager to see what changes the winter storms have wrought on the shore line  this year.  Usually at this beach there is a wide stretch of sand with the ocean on one side and the shallow waters of a river that doesn’t quite reach the sea on the other.


In 2014 the river broke through to the sea during a wild storm.   The water was  shallow and it was easy to walk along the near side of the river. 

064 - Copy (1) 

Looking at my photos of the day I can still remember the calm,  dream-like feeling that came over as I wandered along the river’s edge.

076 (1)071 - Copy

Within two weeks the river mouth had silted up again.   It wasn’t until last year that the river broke through the sand bar again.  Very shallow water flowed languidly over the sand.  


Within a week the flow had all but ceased –  DSCN9958

Yesterday when I arrived at the same vantage point I had trouble believing what I was seeing.   Instead of gentle, dream-like mingling of river and ocean a raging torrent confronted me.

2017-09-09 13.54.56-01 

The water had carved a deep channel through the sand dunes.   It was impossible to get down to the river’s edge for the water ate away at the base of a sand cliff that was at least two metres high.

2017-09-09 13.51.50-02

Walking down to ocean shore line I looked across a wide expanse of surging water.  

2017-09-09 13.59.22-02

This wide new river flows so powerfully it is hard to imagine it ever returning to the landlocked backwater it was just a few short months ago.  Perhaps the lonely stretch of sand on the far side will remain beyond reach of human foot prints.   Mother Nature fights back!

Linked to https://bopaula.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/thursdays-special-pick-a-word-in-september-y2/     I picked the word ‘vantage’ as the theme for this post.  


14 thoughts on “On the shores of the Southern Ocean

      1. Happy to do so, Suzanne. Changes may not always seem beautiful to us because we’re used to a/o liked things the way they were and, of course, not all change is beautiful. But time tends to heal things in nature, albeit sometimes a very long time! 🙂

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