Killing the Buddha on the Road

My response to my own prompt on


Here, at this point of my journey, winter sets in.   Taking my old raincoat hanging by the door I leave – well no, not really.   The reality is I sit with a blanket round my shoulders wondering if this day will ever warm up and whether I’ll be able to pay the electricity bill if I turn on the heater yet again

This business of writing prompts for On The Road is a tricky.   Will I/won’t I?   Right now I’m not but then just as I say that I get an idea.    Did you know the modern haiku poet Santoka wrote many anti war poems during WW2?   Did you know that Sam Hamill, the author of many articles and translations of Japanese haiku sent one of Santoka’s haiku to a US General during the Gulf War? In response he received a letter thanking him for his patriotic support of the troops.

Now maybe I should have held onto that information – done more research and written a prompt about those ideas for the next On The Road prompt.  Maybe there’s a new way to write these things where I write what I really think and stop second guessing myself.   Maybe it’s about being more authentic…

2017-06-18 12.20.13-01


9 thoughts on “Killing the Buddha on the Road

    1. Thanks Janice. We did have a lovely burst of sunshine today but the temp is still hovering around 14C. The wind chill factor makes it seem much colder though. August is our coldest month.

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