In the slipstream

Caught in the slipstream – a current of opinion swirling around me –

– it is a compelling voice – this collective flow of opinion – the group consensus –


Maybe it’s a tribal thing dating from cave times – this feeling that if I go against the group I won’t survive – I’ll be exiled – cut off and left for dead.


this flow of the group mind
does not correspond
with the way my own energy

                   Days end - East Beach

prompt:   Patrick’s Pic and Word challenge – current –



21 thoughts on “In the slipstream

  1. I always trust the inner flow over any group mind, especially when the group mind tries to control the inner flow. Staying true to yourself lies at the heart of everything, especially in creative flow💖 xxx

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    1. Thanks Xenia. It is sometimes hard to work out how to stand apart from the group (particularly when it’s family as in this case). Writing about it helped me figure out what I really think. I like your comment. It adds strength to my feelings.

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  2. shaking off fear
    I flow with the currents
    of my own heart

    I love that

    <smile> Heart, mind, body and soul … four independent currents. Perhaps enlightenment is the condition when all four flow together as one.



    1. ‘Thank you very much Patrick. It was a great prompt. I like your idea that enlightenment comes when heart, mind, body and soul flow together. The final bit of your comment reads like a haiku prompt.

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      1. All I could come up with was a haiku which simply played with your words –
        flowing as one
        heart, mind, body and soul
        – enlightenment?

        I might use your words as a way into your next prompt of ‘fleeting’ though. 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration.

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