A moment

Here’s my response to my latest On the Road prompt here  .  ___________________________________________________________________________________

A hipster girl walked past me in a busy shop, a mobile phone pressed to her ear. “That’s so hectic,” she said.

Good word for it, I thought.   It is so hectic down here right now.  The place is overrun with international tourists and kids on school holidays.  Parking has become a competitive sport.

Part of the hectic feeling comes from my sense that time is going faster than usual.   How can be July already?  Another factor is the weird sense of unreality that comes over me sometimes.   I feel like I am in glitch and that I am out phase with other people.  Conversations seem to happen across a gulf of miscommunication and missed connections. “Have a nice day,” people say in voices that sound robotic, pre-programmed.  I wonder if I have strayed into The Truman Show.

Yesterday it all got too much and I drove to a bush reserve out of town.  Avoiding the tourists I parked away from the main picnic areas and walked back into the hills.

There I entered another world.  I followed narrow animal trails of damp, dark earth into a clearing of bright green winter grasses growing low to the ground.  Trees protected me on all sides.   Wattle was already bursting into flower on some.   The sight of it took me by surprise.   Somehow in town I’d overlooked these markers of the year’s passage.   Here the natural order of things reasserted itself.

I stood stock still and let the sounds and colours of nature wash over me – through me.   The black trunks of the wattle trees around me became my temple walls.   A soft wind blew through the tree tops.    Birds twittered.   Frogs croaked in the wetlands. Something shifted in my heart and mind.   For the first time in days I felt real, alive.




13 thoughts on “A moment

  1. Always good to escape to Nature and let her touch us with her welcoming arms, especially when life becomes too hectic and unreal. Loved your haibun about finding that spiritual moment of mindfulness and connection. ❤

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  2. Perceptive as ever. We disconnect from Nature at our peril. I’m in Nature nearly every day of the year and if I weren’t I’d be crazy. I just used your lovely quote in my blog today. You said I could, and it’s been waiting as a draft. As you will see, I took it out into Nature. 🙂


    1. Gosh. I am honoured by your post. I thought you meant you were going to quote something from someone else I had quoted – if you follow… I didn’t realise you were going to quote me directly. Thank you very much and for the lovely things you say about me. It’s utterly unexpected and comes on a perfect day when I was feeling a bit lonely and lost down here in Warrnambool (which is actually a rather boring country town in the middle of winter – I’m seriously thinking of moving back to the city )

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