On the edge of emptiness

Sally of Lens and Pens has decided to stop hosting her mobile photography challenge.   While I will be sad to see this challenge finish I can certainly understand why Sally has decided to quit.   Hats off to her for keeping the challenge going for so long.   Although it’s only a couple of weeks since I started up my haiku challenge site I’m already scratching my head as to the form my next challenge will take.   I feel exhausted already but that’s probably due to other stuff that’s going on in my life.   It’s been a very stressful and demanding week.

While I have only been a sporadic contributor to Sally’s challenges I’ve always enjoyed seeing the photos others submit and reading Sally’s informative essays.  Here’s my contribution to the last challenge.   Once again my phone played tricks when I attempted to take photos in the local Botanic Gardens.    I’ve been reading about the Buddhist concept of emptiness and how it is expressed in Chinese Ink Brush painting.  The translator of Chinese poetry, David Hinton wrote of ink brush painting – “it seems landscape is emerging out of emptiness, each form seething with the energy of transformation as it hovers on the verge of vanishing back into emptiness”.   The photo I have chosen goes some way towards expressing this idea.



Perhaps my haiku prompt site will vanish back into the emptiness from which it came but hopefully I’ll get a second wind by tomorrow afternoon and post a new prompt.  I also look forward to seeing how Sally emerges from the transformative energy around her right now.   I imagine her new creative photos will be even stronger and even more inspiring. 

prompt:   https://lensandpensbysally.wordpress.com/2017/06/26/sally-ds-mobile-photography-challenge-challengers-choice-photomontage/


7 thoughts on “On the edge of emptiness

    1. Maybe you could start up a similar challenge. I’m finding my haiku prompt site is challenging in itself but is taking me places I didn’t expect to go.


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