Time to polish things off


The whales are at the local beach this morning.   I’m going to polish off my coffee, have a quick shower and head down there.   I am hearing their call louder than ever  year.   Whenever I see them my heart leaps with joy.  Since I’ve been living down here I have been really drawn to the natural environment.   This year that pull is stronger than ever.   

This year too I am feeling a pull to get really focused and knuckle down and get some serious work done.   Hardly anyone visits this new blog.   I think the time has come to polish it off – to reblog any interesting content from my other blogs (just to have it all on the one online site) then take an extended  break while I concentrate on writing and painting.  


prompt:   https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/– polish


4 thoughts on “Time to polish things off

  1. A long journey for you to this point. It’s getting more and more likely that you’ll vacate the blogosphere. There’ll be a gap if you do, but I know it can be all-consuming. I’d like to keep in touch if you do go – by occasional email maybe? I’d love to know what your creativity after blogging produces.

    I’d better scoot off on whale watch – last time I went out onto the headland I forgot that’s what I was there for, because other people suddenly appeared at my watch-spot.

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    1. I hope you get to see some whales. They must be humpbacks up your way. They can put on a real show sometimes. Down here we see Southern Right Whales. They are smaller and can be hard to see. Two mothers have had calves this week and are taking up residence at Logan’s Beach on the edge of Warrnambool. They will probably stay around all season now – maybe as long as early October. The younger whales get very active later in the season and do lots of leaping and playing. Right now the mums are taking them off into more secluded areas.
      My email is suzanne_593@hotmail.com Not sure what I’m doing with blogs. This one will keep going but just how often I get to it remains to be seen. Thanks for chatting. 🙂


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