Photographic Minimalism

This week Sally of Lens and Pens explores the subject of minimalism in photography.   She writes –

“Macro’s minimalism can produce a profound aesthetic and spiritual visual experience. Just as the Japanese are defined by their traditional use of stone and Zen-like mastery, the simple often bridges world’s that combine form and foundation, artistry and fundamental design…  Simplicity is often poetry that is a promise for insight and meaning.”

Unfortunately the dodgy camera on my dodgy phone won’t take decent macro photos.   It does sometimes accidentally take minimalist photos though.  In this particular shot it experienced some technical glitch when I attempted to photograph a light area from a shadowy spot.   I like the way this photographic accident has a Japanese ink brush  look to it.    The absence of detail adds a poetic dimension.     I’ve attempted to replicate this quality in other photos but have rarely succeed.

2017-05-22 14.22.11


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