Season change

Perhaps it is the smell of autumn leaves moldering in corners…

Perhaps it is the smell of burning fossil fuels as the gas heaters and wood burners of the town are arced up to combat the creeping winter chills…

Perhaps it is the smell of burning money as people in all electric homes attempt to pay their power bills…

Perhaps it is the smell of global politics – the malodorous stench of war mongering, hypocrisy and injustice – the lingering whiff of hot air escaping…

Perhaps it is the smell of my own kitchen waste slowly fermenting in the bin I forgot to empty last night…

whatever it is – it stinks.

As season change rolls in I am ambivalent about the coming winter down here in Oz.   It’s a chance to knuckle down and get some serious work done but then there’s all those long grey months and all those long, grey faces of people around town.   Am I just noticing it more or are more people more depressed than usual?

It feels like we all need a big shake up – a revitalizing blast of fresh air, ideas and energy. Not some superficial makeover that blows away as quickly as it arrived but some fundamental shift in perception.

I open my windows and let a blast of sharp salt wind stir up the stagnant air in my house.   I throw out my garbage and sort the recycling.

I walk outside and smell the rich, fertile earth damp from last night’s rain.   As the wind stirs the trees behind my house eucalyptus laden air fills my lungs.   It circulates through my being invigorating me.  It infuses me with the strength to keep going and the energy to keep clearing, to keep releasing everything that is keeping me stuck in old ways of being and thinking.

Let the change come…


prompts: – smell


9 thoughts on “Season change

  1. The repetition of “perhaps” frames the first part of this piece beautifully, and you capture so many smells. Then there’s that magnificent wordless image with all its layers of light and dark.


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