Forest Bathing

This week’s WordPress photo challenge  asks us to ‘share a photo that captures something reflected back to you in a way that made you look at your surroundings differently.’

I took the photo below one autumn a few years ago but it is still one of my favourites.


It was taken in a Japanese garden in a little country town an hour’s drive north of where I live.   The red tree growing in the water challenges my usual way of seeing the world.   The fact that water reflects the sky so accurately adds to effect.   My pre-conceived ideas that trees are green and grow in the earth are turned upside down.

The imminent destruction of the biggest, oldest tree in my neighbourhood (see my last two posts) has led me to think about trees a lot this week.   The tree felling is due to happen on Saturday.   I don’t want to be here and have been trying to work out where I can go that will keep me busy for hours on end.

I could go and see friends but then I’d probably just end up talking about the tree felling and getting myself even more upset.   Yesterday I went and spent some time in a local bush reserve.   Walking beneath the tall eucalyptus trees helped me balance and ground my energy.

In the comment section of a previous post someone said I had been forest bathing.   I’d heard this phase before but it wasn’t until last night that I read about the healing benefits of spending time in the forest.   After my experience in the forest yesterday I am convinced that spending time in the forest absorbing the energy really can lower the heart rate and calm anxieties.

After finding the photos of the red trees I’m thinking I might make the trek across country and go and visit these trees once again.   It’s autumn over here in Oz but this year the weather has been very cold and wet.   There haven’t been many sunny days.   Fingers crossed Saturday brings some sunshine and I make the pilgrimage to see these these extraordinary trees.    I might even make Saturday the day when I buy myself that new camera I’ve been promising myself.



11 thoughts on “Forest Bathing

    1. Thanks Meg. I may change those plans due to health and finances but I will get out there and do something creative one way or another. 🙂


  1. Beautiful images and reflections Suzanne. When we lived south of the border we supported a charity called the Woodland Trust, which cares for forests and reforestation projects. They had a scheme where you could dedicate a tree to a loved one or to commemorate an anniversary and we dedicated many trees over the years. We could visit these newly planted trees whenever we wanted and watch them grow. I do not know if there are similar projects where you are and I thought it might help you to plant a new tree somewhere and dedicate it to something you believe in 💜

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    1. That’s a good idea. I don’t know of anything like that here but there are many ways of planting trees where they are needed through various environmental groups. I will look into it and see what I can find . Thanks for the suggestion.

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  2. What a lovely photo! It does look like a painting! How unusual to see tree growin gin the water The colours are just stunning…autumn is one of my favourite seasons after spring. The colours are so vibrant here.

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    1. It is an odd tree. I didn’t make it out there this weekend. This autumn has been very grey and wet. Australian trees don’t lose their leaves so we only see autumn trees in parks, gardens and lining the main streets of towns. Driving home today I noticed many deciduous trees have lost most of their leaves already – the season has slipped by without me noticing it much.


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