The woman who hates trees

My neighbour hates trees.   For the past two weeks her yard has echoed with the whine of chainsaws as the big gum trees and several smaller trees in her yard are sawed off at ground level.  The  bushy vegetation is being removed with a brush cutter.    This morning the saw started up again at 8.30 am.   My nerves snapped and I swore so loudly I think she heard me.  “Shut the fuck up,” I yelled in a most unladylike fashion.

When I went outside later she called me over to the fence and told me what she is doing. She has recently retired and doesn’t want to keep looking after a garden.    She was going to sell her house but then realised that if she spent the amount of money the agent wanted as commission she could make her yard completely maintenance free.  She is going to cover the whole area with pebbles.   I was completely gobsmacked by this perverse logic I could think of no suitable reply.

She then told me that she has convinced the land owner over the back to cut down the big eucalypts directly behind her property.   She is worried they will fall on her house.  The destruction is going to occur next weekend.


The brick wall in the photo is the woman’s garage.   Her house is some distance away.   I really don’t know how she has forced the land owner to cut down the trees.  She did say she had to fight him to get him to agree.  He wanted to cut down the over hanging branches but she is insisting the trees are totally removed.

I’ve been in grief since I heard.   There are many native birds and animals who live in these trees including koalas.     The big tree in the photo is so old it must be home to many possums and birds.   I hope they somehow get wind of what is about to occur and find safe places to hide before the destruction begins.




19 thoughts on “The woman who hates trees

  1. This reads almost like one of your parables, but it is so obviously a reality in your world. Removing a koala domicile makes it even worse, and it’ll change the whole ambience of your place. I mourn with you. Fear and hate – and an inability to understand, strategise or compromise.


    1. I think the land owner was forced into it. It will be interesting to see if he really does fell all the trees this coming weekend. Luckily the ones directly behind me will be ok.


      1. Well, that’s good that the tree will give you some shade still. After the weekend you will finally have some peace and quiet in the morning….can’t stand the sound of chainsaws. I’m a night person and wake up late mornings…I sure would not want that neighbour. My neighbour’s 3 yr old upstairs may run around at midnight and even 3 am but I am still awake at least.


      2. Gosh – the sound of a little kid so early must get you down sometimes. Neighbours can be a real pain. I fantazise about living on 10 acres of bush bu,t in reality, don’t know if I could handle the isolation. Contrary.


  2. It is sad that these old, or not so old, tree need to be removed. However sadder still is the fact that there are many smaller trees available which would house many birds, perhaps not possums, that could have been planted and would not be a danger, or a nuisance to neighbour’s properties. No. 2 Son has a similar problem with his neighbour’s trees. Neighbour likes big trees. So do I. However there is a time and place for a tree that soars some fifty feet into the air and leans out over neighbouring property. A tree like this in corner of a fifteen metre road frontage block is certainly not in the right place when it comes time to remove or trim it. Apologies for my rant.


    1. Yes, it is a problem. The land owner removed the lower branches. I think the biggest tree is very old. Much older than the land owner who looks about 40. It looks like it has been there forever. I’m in Warrnambool. As you will probably remember from your years in Port Fairy there aren’t many big trees in town (apart from those cold old Norfolk Island Pines,) The indigenous vegetation is pretty special. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I hope your son finds a solution that suits all the people involved – and the trees. 🙂


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