6 thoughts on “Roots

  1. Ooh. Very nice. I love the economical imagery, and the half rhymes (or whatever they’re called) – brine / rain / sun and then waving /weaving. I like the ambivalence suggested in the last line. I like the two images. And the haiku on the last photo implies so much.

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    1. I guess that kind of way of playing with words has a name. I just do it because I like the sound. The technicalities of poetry escape me. I do study the techniques of haiku but flounder when it comes to the traditional ways of writing haiku. As for the rest, I am simply playing with words and the way they look when I arrange them on a page or a screen. I don’t really know what I’m doing. Classic poets and technicians get annoyed with me (though I must say I get a bit annoyed with their rules). 🙂


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