The enchanted forest


Beyond the road side carpark a long flight of steps wound down a cliff face.   At the bottom an earthen path led me into a dark forest.   The guidebook told me the trees were ancient Moonah trees.


The path was damp beneath my feet and all sounds were muffled.   I was aware of an ancient primordial energy that was far stronger than my worldly worries.   A sense of enchantment crept over me.DSCN8803-02

As I ventured deeper into the forest moisture dripped from the tangled trees.


Contorted tree roots twisted in and around rocky mounds.  The magic of fae gathered in the secluded crevices and I felt the presence of elemental beings peeping out from the shadows.


On and on I wandered.   I felt utterly immersed in the mystery.   The feeling of enchantment was so strong I began to think I could wander here forever and never find my back home.   I took photo after photo.  Focusing on the mechanics of photography grounded me.

DSCN8772DSCN8749DSCN8733 (2)DSCN8784-1-1IMG_20170419_085928

Deep in the forest the light was dim.  The veils between the worlds thinned and I felt I had stepped out of time.   It was then that I came across a clearing where other visitors had built small cairns.   I gathered some rocks and made my own cairn as a offering to the deep forest magic.


The way became lighter after that and it wasn’t long before the vegetation changed.   I had a sense that I was leaving the forest and returning to the world I knew.   The problems that had bought me there no longer seemed so pressing.  Simple solutions presented themselves to me as the path began to climb back up towards the road.


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17 thoughts on “The enchanted forest

    1. Thanks so much Sherry. I love hearing that my writing affects others. It makes blogging worthwhile. Thanks so much for following and reading along as I sort out where this new blog is going. 🙂

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    1. Thanks Lori. That is a very good question. My friends and I often ask the same question. I think the answer is many of the old Dreamtime stories are lost. The ones that have survived down here concern Bunjil the Eagle. I wrote about him in another post on this blog.
      The Dreamtime creatures and stories vary from locality to locality. In other parts of the country there are stories of strange lights – the Mim Mim lights that follow people driving at night in the outback is one. Most of the beings I have heard about are spooky, somewhat scary beings that haunt swamps and the like. I think they survived because they were told to little children to keep them away from dangerous environments.
      Down here we had so many Irish settlers after the Potato Famine in Ireland. Fancifully we sometimes say they bought the fairies with them. 🙂


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