Narrowing the Focus

A haibun written in response to  –
Carpe Diem Haiku Writing Techniques #25 The Technique of Narrowing Focus :  a technique which was often used by Buson (1716-1784) …  Basically what you do is to start with a wide-angle lens on the world in the first line, switch to a normal lens for the second line and zoom in for a close-up in the end. It sounds simple, but when he did it he was very effective. Read some of Buson’s work to see when and how he did this.
An example of a haiku by Buson in which he uses this technique:

the short night ending–
close to the water’s edge
a jellyfish

Narrowing the focus feels like the way ahead for me.   With so much going on in the world – all the fears and rumours – all the mayhem and senseless violence – all the crazy weather events – narrowing the focus feels essential. Now more than ever, it feels like those of us who aren’t directly effected by these events can choose our own reality.  We can choose to buy into media fuelled fears and narrow the focus of our lives so much we become afraid to leave the house – or – we can choose to move into a greater recognition of our own personal strengths – our own creative and spiritual wisdoms.  We can create our own path into the future.



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