e-book – “Solstice”

In June 2015 created an e-book combining images and text on my Samsung Tablet.   When I finished I discovered it was incredibly difficult to upload to the internet so that others could download to their own tablet. (I think it was because of the app I used I create the book),   I have reproduced the entire thing here –


page_17708A7C-F756-4BF6-B242-EBBC8A9F2F1F_snapshotpage_87A423EA-39D0-4DA4-AB0C-F58C9F56B162_snapshot  page_0BE88A79-B0A3-4600-B01D-DF740972E7C9_snapshot  page_611BC8E4-8D8F-43A7-A93C-E746C299E4A4_snapshot  page_A08121C2-0453-496E-943B-80C6BAD3052E_snapshotpage_E4B7FAF2-7352-48DA-94BD-029FCC1A97DF_snapshot page_23AF497B-4C7C-459F-BCA9-B5B13C04AD2B_snapshotpage_D08A7CD1-7276-4A67-AE01-368C4A824192_snapshot page_E6A31637-CFFD-41D9-81E2-43DF94BD8E86_snapshotpage_B587E5F7-9FCF-4E82-8F73-F46BD9506D4F_snapshot page_85886086-5C1B-44A6-BD56-3FB0E459A82E_snapshotpage_C691334C-28D4-4209-BC33-88900C3557E5_snapshot page_A641D34C-930B-43FE-954E-AF7A63FEA8EB_snapshotpage_029A7F2A-5EE8-4CA9-87B9-44639C3C378A_snapshot



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