Chasing Butterflies


                                                                chasing butterflies
                                                        deep into spring mountains
                                                               I have  become lost
                                                                                                   – Hisajo



                                      lost 1

                                                       losing my way
                                             in the forests of the mind
                                                  – this way or that?


                                                        this way or that?
                                                      a third way opening
                                                          in the silence


On the Road prompts update

Some of you have expressed confusion as to how to find the responses of others to On The Road Prompts.   I’ve decided I will publish a list of contributions when I post a new prompt.   I am inspired by the way others respond to the prompts.  Everyone brings their own unique style and way of seeing to the prompts and the responses are always worth reading.  To get the ball rolling here’s a list of some recent contributions:-

It’s been suggested to me that the tag   #ontheroadprompts  could be used to identify On the Road responses.   I think this is great idea (thanks Xenia) and will include the suggestion in all future prompts.

I’ve also created a logo that can be added to your posts if you like.   Simply copy and paste it into your post.


I hope all this will make it easier for us to find each other’s work.    If you have any further suggestions as to how I could make it easier please let me know.

On the Road today I have posted some thoughts on writing haibun.   This is the first of my occasional prompts on writing techniques.  You can find it here –  Haibun as a journey within     I hope you find it helpful.


My daughter is studying sociology.   At present she is learning about the sociology of health.  In her last lecture she discovered that health is directly related to socio-economic status.   The people at the very top of the tree are the healthiest of all.   They are measurably healthier than those even just one step below them.   The reason for this is that they have complete autonomy.   Also they are free of money worries.

That explains why the Queen of England is so hale and hearty and why she smiles so magnanimously on her subjects.   She can afford to.

Over here in Australia her subjects are paying record prices for domestic energy.  The cost is so high some people are being forced to live without heating this winter.  

Our  Prime Minister met with the leaders of the energy companies and urged them to consider the plight of those on lower incomes.  They all agreed it was a matter of great concern then they all nodded and smiled for the photo shoot.   Beyond that they did nothing.    The Queen, of course, was not present at the meeting and it was no surprise to discover she has made no comment on the issue.

                                   gas bill



Preserving an old building



In Spain I saw numerous old buildings wrapped in green shade cloth.    I guess it’s to stop random bits of rubble falling on the heads of unsuspecting passerbys.  Maybe it’s also to keep the building relatively intact until the funds become available to renovate it. Converting a photo of such a building to black and white gives the structure a monumental look.  

prompt:    Paula’s Black and White Sunday photo challenge – structure




My response to my “On the Road” prompt – Travelling with the Moon

It’s been pointed out to me that there some glitches with the tags and links to others responses to On the Road prompts.    I’ll take some time this week to figure out a better system.    On the Road prompts are inspired by my reading about haiku and related forms.    I’m coming across some interesting ideas that don’t really fit within the prompt section.   For that reason I will also start writing posts that reflect on writing techniques and the ideas behind haiku and related forms.    These posts will be irregular but will generally be posted on Wednesday (Australian time).

I’m going to take a very short blogging break and will be back midweek with a fresh approach.  Thanks for your patience.

Travelling with the moon

On the Road

 “The moon and sun are travelers through eternity. Even the years wander on. Whether drifting through life on a boat or climbing toward old age leading a horse, each day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.”
– from Oku no Hosomichi  (The Narrow Road to the Deep North), Matsuo Basho – translation on Goodreads

Earlier this week on the night of the full moon there was a partial lunar eclipse.   On August 21 there will be a total solar eclipse that will be visible from the USA.  Across the internet there are posts that range from factual information about the path of the solar eclipse to speculative articles about the astrological and metaphysical significance of the eclipses.

In traditional astrology eclipses are regarded as portents of trouble and upheaval particularly when they aspect the chart of rulers.   It is interesting to note that the…

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